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costes, 2023

My latest project goal was to design that Mediterranean style space but also use some different furniture materials than the usual rustic wood, linen etc.
B&B Italia sofa was the right choice for that.


antre, 2022

This time I decided to jump in on an old commercial project and completely reshape it, almost from scratch.

Lighting is darker than the soft bright one that I tend to work with and I wanted the materials to reflect the idea of a cave- hence the project name.

The unusual red stone of the floor is a texture by Megascans which was basically the main element of the space.Cave-like elements are used in order to create dark isolated areas that reflect the emotions associated with them. The big windows allow light into this dark space that allows people to interact with the outside world and feel comfortable.



Visualization & Art Direction:
Tall-e Studio

Client & Furniture:
Stillmade Brooklyn, NY

The main idea of Stillmade project was to design a space that will highlight the unique and handmade pieces of their furniture.

After discussion and research we ended up going for a neutral color palette and a sharp but bright lighting that will fit perfectly with their ideas of the new American design.



During these difficult days, most of us creatives seek a safe space in our own home, one that exudes serenity but also provides us with enough stimuli to keep our imagination alive and running.

I envisioned this working as a home as well as a source of inspiration for a creative person, being clean as well as having a lot of personality in its details. The idea was to create an elegant minimalistic space, full of bright natural light. I used natural materials, such as wood and stone, to give it an earthy feel.

The project title expresses my hope that things will change for better soon and we will be able to say we have gained something, despite the difficulties we now face.